Hey, I'm Carlos

The owner of Roots and Crops

The Idea

The idea behind Roots and Crops brand started with 2 words: Natural Living. We wanted to create a brand that inspired people to focus on the "natural way of life"via REAL products and REAL information. Our goal was to provide REAL products that are grown naturally and not lab created. We didn't want to represent a diet; instead, we wanted to represent a natural lifestyle that allowed us to express creativity, spread love, and impact lives daily.

The Dream

Launching Roots and Crops is a dream come true and the story is only just beginning. Our mission is to inspire people to focus on the "natural way of life" via REAL products and REAL information. Our love for the taste of natural products and the culture of living a healthy lifestyle began to work as a foundation for launching Roots and Crops. We believe there isn’t a better time than now to begin this journey and share a lifestyle that we enjoy.

The Hope

We hope that you will not only be able to build a connection with our products and brand, but also allow us to become part of your everyday lifestyle. Whether you are just beginning your natural lifestyle or you're a seasoned vet, we embrace the opportunity to share in an amazing journey with you.

We are based in the Metro Atlanta area and operate as a predominately ecommerce business; however, we occasionally make appearances at outdoor festivals and pop-up shops. Please continue to support us by following us on social media for business updates or just to say "Hey".

We hope that you enjoy your experience traveling throughout our site and getting to know our brand. We thank you and look forward to providing an amazing experience for you.

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Roots and Crops
We provide amazing tea experiences through high quality tea and unmatched customer service.
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