Are Millennials Drinking More Tea?

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There is no secret Millennials and Gen Z are generating major change in the world. Growing up is a digital era, Millennials and Gen Z have access to more information than any other group has had before. Because of this, each of these groups are becoming more aware of healthier options for their body and they are also demanding company’s to produce/offer healthier alternatives.

“How does this relate to Tea?.”.. Glad you asked!

Younger consumers are demanding all natural, non GMO,  and plant based products to be incorporated in their daily nutrition. What better beverage than tea?… In our opinion, Tea is projected to be a large part of millennials diets in the future for several reasons. The health benefits of tea is stating the obvious when it comes to millennials; therefore, we have additional theories as to why millennials are drinking more tea.

  1. Tea is a creative beverage that allows you to mix-and-match blends. Millennials love options and tea provides a large variety of options
  2. Tea is a conversation magnet. Drinking tea and conversing with friends provides similar affects as having dinner, bar drinks, or ice cream with your friends
  3. Tea is simple. Most tea can be made in 5 minutes or less, which is perfect for young working professionals such as millennials

There are many other reasons why millennials will continue drinking tea in the future and we can’t wait  to see how this industry progress over the next few years.

In the meantime, we look forward to being their go-to Tea Shop now and in the future.


Roots and Crops Team

May 19, 2019




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