Herbal Tea’s Magic

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Picture yourself outdoors in 75 degree weather with zero humidity…or sitting at the beach on a warm sunny day without a care in the world…or better yet, at a spa getting a massage every day of the week. I’m pretty sure one, if not all three, of those options sound extremely relaxing to you. If you had a magic button to click that would make any of those happen, then my guess is you would click it.

*Spoiler Alert* There isn’t a physical magical button to press; however, we do have a way to bring serenity and relaxation to your day

Our magical button is Herbal Tea

Herbal Teas are not considered one of the “True Teas” because it doesn’t come from the Camellia Sinensis plant; however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good quality type of tea with many benefits. Herbal teas are a combination of fresh flowers, dried flowers, roots, seeds, and spices. They are naturally non-caffeinated; however, there are still several Herbal Teas in the market that contain caffeine.

Why is Herbal Tea considered a relaxation button?

Herbal Teas provide a mix of calming ingredients that help in the relaxation process of our bodies, particularly caffeine free Herbal Teas. Experts have stated these teas aid in lowering stress levels, improving sleep, and improving digestion. Some of the most popular Herbal Tea ingredients include Lavender, Chamomile, or Mint.

Without getting too brainy, Herbal Tea ingredients contain natural compounds that are released once the tea has steeped. This is what provides the calming and relaxing sensation that takes over the body once you begin sipping.

Final Wrap Up

Remember that not all Herbal teas are caffeine free, so if you are looking to stay away from caffeine, then please be sure to check your labels or with your Tea Supplier. Once you confirm which type of Herbal Tea you can consume, then we encourage you to give it a try.


Roots and Crops Team

*Always consult with your doctor before drinking any tea*

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