Juicing During Cold Months

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During cold winter months, some people may be tempted to postpone their juicing routine or slow down the frequency that they were accustomed to in the summer. This is a natural thought process; cold weather = move away from cold-pressed drinks and cold smoothies. There is nothing wrong with this thought process, EXCEPT when you consider the amount of nutrients in a juice/smoothie and the benefits that your body will receive by consuming cold-pressed juices. So let’s focus on two questions before we move any further.

What nutrients are in a bottle of cold-pressed juice?

  • Vitamin A, B-vitamins, C, D, E, and K
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

*Note: These are not the ONLY nutrients found in cold-pressed juices.

What benefits will these nutrients provide for the body?

Vitamins can be classified into two categories: fat soluble (A,D,E, and K) and water soluble (B-vitamins and C). Vitamins have a range of functions from providing energy to protecting the immune system from free radicals. We will provide a later post specifically on what each vitamin does for the body when it is consumed.


A mineral found in fresh whole fruits and vegetables that is key to proper bone composition, blood health, and cell function.


Another primary nutrient that help regulate blood pressure and improve cardio vascular health. Research has shown that a low diet of potassium could potentially cause greater fatigue and muscle weakness in the body.


Serves as a major purpose in our body; therefore, it is an important nutrient to consume. Magnesium supports our digestive system and alleviates stress & anxiety. Many whole fruits and vegetables contain a great amount of magnesium.

Now that we know a few of the nutrients found in cold-pressed juice, and we know the benefits of those nutrients; let’s discuss why it’s important to fill the body with those nutrients through juicing. As we stated in an earlier post last year, juicing is an exciting way to consume fruits and vegetables. Juicing can also be considered a more efficient way because juicing liberates the nutrients into a highly absorbable form.

Final Wrap Up

If you are looking to protect your immune system, regulate blood pressure, relieve stress, and ultimately feel GREAT throughout the winter months, then we suggest that you continue juicing year-round so that you are able to receive  the healthy benefits in an efficient way.


This post is for enlightenment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional evaluations and treatments. Remember to always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions


Murray, Michael T, 2013. The Complete Book of Juicing:

Your Delicious Guide to Youthful Vitality


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