Loose Tea vs. Tea Bags

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Loose Tea and Tea Bags is always a great discussion that happens a lot within the tea community. Let’s get a few terms down before we get started.

  • Whole Leaf Tea – tea that’s primarily made up of whole, unbroken leaves
  • Teabags – prefilled bags, usually made from low grade teas, such as dust and fannings
  • Loose Tea – tea that is not brewed in a tea bag

Sounds simple, correct? (It really is nothing to it)

Tea Bags

We mentioned Teabags are typically made of dust and fannings (not all, but many), but we didn’t explain why that isn’t the best way to experience tea drinking. Teas contain natural essential oils in them that helps make tea flavorful, aromatic, and nutritious. Dust & fannings are smaller pieces of tea leftover from broken leaf teas; therefore, they typically have less flavor, aroma, and nutrients. More recently, merchants have been filling bags with Whole Leaf Tea in order to improve the quality of mass produced pre-filled tea bags (we promise to have a Blog on Tea Economics in the future).

Loose Tea

Loose Tea is where many believe you will get more bang for your buck. Loose Tea is usually steeped directly in the water (without an enclosure) or with a tea strainer. This provides tea leaves room to absorb water and expand once leaves release its flavor, minerals, vitamins, and aroma into the water its steeping in. With Loose Tea, you  are also able to control your tea-to-water ratio, which helps determine how strong or flavorful you would like to drink your tea.

Loose Tea  can seem overwhelming and intimidating initially, but once you learn the benefits and a few easy tips then hopefully it could be a suitable option for you.


Roots and Crops Team

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