Matcha Tea and Meditation

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Matcha, which originated in Japan, is made from shade-grown tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Tea bushes have to be covered for weeks in advance in order to prevent direct sunlight. Once the finest tea buds are hand-picked, they are laid out to dry, de-stemmed, and stoned into a powder. Once you receive Matcha Tea at your local store or Tea Shop, then it is more than likely in powdered form and ready to drink.

Many people use the preparation steps as a meditative practice from beginning to end. There aren’t many times during the week, or even the day, that we can find absolute quiet time. Some have begun using tea preparation time as a quiet meditative time during their day. In order to make this work when making Matcha Tea, your entire focus should be on preparing your Matcha, slowly mixing in your warm water, and whisking your tea & water together slowly while taking in the fresh aroma. Once that is complete, sit and wait for your Matcha to cool, then enjoy each sip that you take.


Roots and Crops Team


*Always consult with your doctor before drinking any tea*

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