Recommended Books For Juicers

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As much as we enjoy sharing information with everyone about Juicing, Fruits, Vegetables, and Living a Healthy Lifestyle; we still have to continuously educate ourselves as well. We would like to recommend a few books and authors that we have used as additional resources to help us.

Juicing For Dummies

By Pat Crocker

Losing weight and being healthy is often on our minds, but not everyone has the time to spend several hours a week at the gym. The beauty of dieting and cleansing with juices and smoothies is that you can take them anywhere, and they only take minutes to prepare.

Juicing can be done from one to three days to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins and lose weight, while smoothies provide a longer-term meal-replacement strategy that keeps you feeling full—and Juicing & Smoothies For Dummies brings you up to speed on everything you need to start incorporating this healthy lifestyle option right away.

The Big Book of Juices

By Natalie Savona

With some 405 recipes, many of which combine fruits and vegetables, this comprehensive guide offers health-conscious readers a smart indexing system that sorts the juices by key ingredients, nutrients, and health benefits. It also offers a simple, five-star system that rates the effectiveness of each drink for boosting energy and detoxifying the body, as well as potential benefits for the immune system, digestion, and beautiful, radiant, clear skin. This high-quality package has full-color photography on nearly every page. 

The Juicing Bible

By Pat Crocker

Winner of “The Best in the World” in the category “The Best Health and Nutrition” at The World Cookbook Fair Awards in Perigueux France on November 11, 2000. The sponsoring organization, The International Cookbook Revue, is dedicated to books about food and wine.

The Complete Book of Juicing

By Michael T. Murray

With fifty new recipes and new information on the benefits of juicing and juice cleanses, here is the completely revised and updated edition of this juicing category killer.

The first completely revised edition of this juicing classic, The Complete Book of Juicing is packed with new information on super fruits such as pomegranate and papaya, weight-loss and juice fasts, immune function, juicers, and more. With one hundred fruit and vegetable recipes and a fresh new package, this book is a user-friendly and fun necessity for any juicing kitchen.

Juicing For Health

By Julie Stafford

Julie Stafford’s Juicing for Health is a positive approach to achieving better health. Packed with information about diet and nutrition, it also includes more than 200 juicing recipes for fruit juice, vegetable juices, soups, smoothies and sorbets—each recipe designed for maximum taste impact.

Final Thought

If you have a chance to check out any of these books, then you definitely will not be disappointed.

Please leave any comments or questions, that you may have, below. Thank you for your help and support; and we look forward to many more post in the future.


This post is for enlightenment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional evaluations and treatments. Remember to always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions




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