Storing Your Tea

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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and comes in many different varieties. Not only do the physical characteristics of each tea differ, but each type of tea is also processed in a different way.

Please refer to our Blog Post, “What is the Camellia Sinensis Plant” for a brief on each tea’s production method.

Despite different processing methods, all teas have general guidance on how they should be stored.

Dry Area

All teas should be stored in a dry environment. Excess moisture and humidity can reduce the tea’s shelf life and potentially cause molding

Away From Strong Smells

Tea can act as an “Air Sponge”, meaning it can begin to absorb the aromas of products nearby. Now granted, this would have to be a very strong smelling item for your tea to absorb its smell; however, we want to make sure you take cation and are aware because it can happen.

Sun Light Exposure

Keep your teas away from direct sunlight because it has the potential to damage your tea leaves. Always keep your tea in a sealed airtight container (Not a glass jar) to avoid sunlight changing the flavor, appearance, and aroma of your tea

Store and Don’t Worry

Tea is considered a luxury beverage to some (nothing wrong with that); however, it only takes a few simple steps to store your tea properly. This process doesn’t have to be rocket science nor does a lot of overthinking has to take place. Similar to most kitchen items, if you store them sealed in your pantry, then your tea should be just right.

If you have any questions or comments about how to store your tea, please reach out to us directly or leave a comment below


Roots and Crops Team

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